Club Camera Tucson members like to compete and critique. And we give you the opportunity to show off your best work, have it evaluated by professionals and by other members, and see how you stack up. Competitions and Critiques offer two different ways to show your photos.

update 10/30/2017


A competition is just that. We bring in an outside judge who discusses and judges member photos. Members can submit from one to three images for judging. There are five categories and images can be projected or printed. At the end of the club year we have a Best Of competition for the winners of the year’s competitions.


In response to our members’ desire for broader forums in which to discuss their work and to learn from their peers without the “pressure” of competing, Club Camera offers regular critique forums. The club alternates monthly between competitions and critiques. In a critique a club member leads the program in which he and anyone present discuss members’ photos with an emphasis on constructive evaluation and advice. Though not required, we like it when members submit before and after versions of a photo; that is, a version of the photo right out of the camera and another version after post-processing.

For more details and instructions about submitting photos, check the following:

Past Competition Winners