Club Camera Tucson currently has three special interest groups (SIGs). As the name implies, a SIG focuses on a single topic or aspect of photography. Sigs have their own meetings apart from the regular twice-monthly club meetings.


Black & White SIG

The B&W SIG, lead by David Luery, Mariann Moery and Eric Peffer, aims to explore all aspects of black & white photography.  Activities will include everything from composing and shooting techniques for B&W to image processing from conversion through printing.  In addition, we will also discuss the aesthetics of B&W, B&W as fine art, and reasons for shooting in B&W.  SIG meetings will include critiques, processing tutorials, presentations and discussions of B&W-related topics of interest to members. 

Digital Art SIG

The Digital Art SIG, led by Jim Wertheimer, meets on the third Thursday of the month at JCC. This SIG encourages people to show and discuss work that involves any form of digital creativity and tools, ranging from simple Photoshop manipulation intended to improve realistic photos to multi-media creations involving alternative processes. If you think digital art is only exaggerated abstracts you are going to be surprised and pleased.

The basic meeting form has participants critiquing each other’s work and discussing the methods used to create it. The Digital Art SIG only works with printed images; there are no projected images. Members are requested to bring prints of the “before” and “after” so folks can see where each image started. On occasion we bring in outside experts who will discuss a variety of topics related to digital art.

Portfolio SIG

In the portfolio SIG people show and discuss a group of related photos. The images in a portfolio can be thematically related, stylistically related, and so forth; the intention is to show the results of a conceived and designed project or body of work. The SIG uses primarily projected images. The Portfolio SIG meets on the first Thursday of the month in a member’s home. Given the locale, this SIG has limited space. As of now all the spaces are taken. If you are interested in this SIG should an opening arise, please email to get on the wait list. Portfolio SIG meetings are not listed on the Calendar.