Click any photo to see a slideshow. Use the arrows on the right and left sides of each photo to move forward or backward. First-place winners (including ties) are noted; second and third places winners are not specifically indicated.
-updated 4/22/2017

Hank Hirschfield: Jazz Bassist 1st Place - Tie - Hand of ManBebe O'Brien: Happy In My Own Skin 1st Place - Tie - Hand of ManMarc Sbar: Bisbee Bartender 1st Place - Tie - Hand of ManLinda Rumack: Ready For Takeoff - Hand of ManPeter Rowlands: Bee Condos - Print - Hand of ManA Cardoni: Clash Of The 4 Elements 1st Place - Tie - NatureEric Peffer: Wrapped Up For The Night 1st Place - Tie - NatureDavid McBee: Reflections 1st Place - Tie - NatureMonika Dorman: Cactus Blossom - NatureGene Chao: Mayday Going Down - NatureJames Burton: Sandhill Cranes 1st Place - Tie - CreativeJames Burton: Great Horned Owl 1st Place - Tie - CreativeBruce Russell: Predator - CreativeBruce Bartholomew: End Of The Day - CreativeLinda Rumack: Great Earless Lizard - CreativeJim Horn: Still Waters - 1st Place - Tie - Print - NatureMary Ann Moery: Winkelman Wild - 1st Place -Tie - Print - Nature