Competition Rules

Last updated May 10, 2019

  1. Competition is open only to paid-up members.
  2. Competition is grouped into five categories:
    1. Prints – Nature
    2. Prints – Hand of Man
    3. Projected – Nature
    4. Projected – Hand of Man
    5. Projected – Creative/Imaginative
  3. In the print category only, if there are less than three images in either category, all prints will be judged together
  4. Entries will be evaluated by a guest judge.
  5. Entries may receive a maximum of 30 points. The top scoring images in each group (plus ties), as determined by the number of points awarded, will compete in the Year-End competition, based on the number of entries as described below:
    1. 3-5 entries: one image will advance, plus any ties
    2. 6-10 entries: two images will advance, plus any ties
    3. 11-15 entries: three images will advance, plus any ties
    4. More than 16 entries: four images will advance, plus any ties
  6. After an image has qualified for Year-End competition in any division, the image may not be entered in future monthly competitions.
  7. An image entered in a monthly competition that did not qualify for Year-End competition may be resubmitted only once more in a future competition.
  8. Entries must be the original work of the entrant; software post-processing must be done by the entrant but printing need not be done by the entrant.
  9. The Club’s “competition year” runs September through June of the following calendar year.
  10. Record Keeping: The Competition committee will maintain a record for each member and include titles of entries, awards won, and total points accumulated. This will be used to determine the entries eligible for Year-End competition.

Year-end Judging

  1. Print entries that were advanced in any monthly competition must be resubmitted for the Year-End competition to the Competition chair at the June competition meeting.
  2. Digital entries that were advanced in any monthly competition, from September to April, will be kept by the competition chair and used for judging.
  3. There can be a first round of judging by three club members held offsite to winnow the list down to a reasonable number.
  4. The final round of judging is done during a regular group meeting by an outside judge.