Criteria for Judging

Criteria for Judging “Nature” & “Hand of Man” Categories

October, 2017

Technical Merit (1/3)

  • Sharp Focus on key subject matter
  • Exposure is correct—not excessively over or under exposed
  • No glare or hot spots that detract from the whole
  • Image is level when appropriate.
  • Good contrast—-appropriate for the subject
  • Colors true and not over/under saturated–unless intentional
  • No excessive HDR effect–natural items should appear natural
  • Print meets club rules/specifications, done in a quality manner

Composition (1/3)

  • Main subject is immediately obvious with no unnecessary clutter
  • Image has simplicity/clarity, no distracting items
  • Uses Rule of Thirds where appropriate–or clear reason for not
  • Important items are not cropped out
  • Minimum amount of vacant/non contributory space
  • Good use of available or artificial light to highlight subject
  • Good use of depth of field, backgrounds are not distracting
  • Use of angles/lines to draw one into the photo to prime subject
  • Shot from unique angle/perspective–interesting choice of viewpoint

Overall Impact (1/3)

  • Visually/aesthetically appealing–generates strong interest
  • Tells a story—has emotional appeal (mood, feelings, excitement, empathy, symbolism, etc.)
  • Original/Creative/uncommon—-Doesn’t follow the usual path— unique subject or unique treatment of common subject
  • A “photograph”—not just a picture/snapshot/record shot
  • Utilizes “light” in a most appealing/effective manner
  • Worthy to hang on your home wall or in a gallery

Criteria for Judging Creative or Alternate Reality Photos

Composition & appropriate technical criteria (1/3)

  • Clear center of interest or subject
  • Complete story within the image
  • Overall unity, simplicity
  • Clear what the photographer intended
  • Pleasing balance in textures, colors, light
  • No distracting elements—all aspects tie together well
  • Demonstrates careful thought about the composition
  • Absent any obvious technical flaws
  • Shows creativity in printing (i.e. print media selected) (prints only)

Originality/Creativity (1/3)

  • Original subject or original approach to standard subject
  • Conveys a personal/unique vision
  • Showcases photographers skill using software and other techniques to achieve an artistic goal
  • Demonstrates new concept(s), inventiveness, vision beyond the obvious
  • Communicates a clear metaphor, symbol or story
  • Demonstrates the unexpected, unusual, uncommon
  • Avoids clich├ęs
  • Demonstrates considerable effort to achieve result

Impact or “Wow” Factor (1/3)

  • Generates a strong emotional response–positive or negative
  • Strong first impression, commands viewers attention
  • Subject matter is made more interesting by the photographer
  • Exhibits real artistic merit
  • Generates sense of wonder and admiration
  • Truly fits concept of “photography is art”
  • Worthy to hang in a gallery or on home wall