In alternating months one of our two monthly meetings is devoted to a members’ critique. Each member can submit one or two images. The member briefly introduces his or her image and then other members offer their opinions. The critiques are moderated so that the discussions remain focused and pointed.┬áThis is a terrific opportunity for members to learn from each other. Before and after images of each critique entry are requested, but not required.

  • There are no fees for critique entries.
  • Critiques are only done on projected images. If you have a printed photo you wish to have critiqued, please submit it as a digital image.
  • Projected images must be submitted by email to the person listed on the Program Calendar web page. The deadline to be emailed is noon on the day of the Critique/Competition.

Follow the Submission Guidelines used for competitions.

updated 5/9/2017

zTF-Magic orchids

Ted Fleming: Magic Orchids


Sharon Pairman