How the Competition Works

Every other month one of our two monthly meetings is devoted to a friendly competition. We frequently bring in an outside professional photographer to judge the competition; at other times judges come from the club membership.

We have five categories, the last three of which are projected:

  • Prints: Nature: landscapes, waterscapes, flowers, wildlife and similar subjects
  • Prints: Hand of Man: People, structures, cityscapes and other manmade objects
  • Nature: Landscapes, seascapes, flowers, wildlife and the like.
  • Hand of Man: People, cityscapes, manmade objects and the like.
  • Imaginative/Creative: Heavily manipulated images that explore an inner reality.

Each club member in good standing may submit up to 3 competition entries but no more than 2 projected images. Projected images must be submitted as JPGs.

Only the first 60 image files received will be shown in the Competition.

There is a $1 fee for each competition entry, to be paid the evening of the competition at the Membership Table. Please submit fees prior to the start of the meeting.

At the end of the year, best photos of the year will be determined.

Read all about the rules and guidelines for submitting images in the Competition Rules and Submission Guidelines documents.