The CCT Board would like to remind our members, new and old, that you can have us set up your personal gallery on the CCT website to display some of your favorite images.

While there is no official limit to the number of images you can have on your gallery, probably a good number is in the range of 20 or so that should show the range of photos you have taken and processed.  The member gallery is not intended to provide a selling/marketing source for your images, but rather a way to show members, prospective members and friends the range of quality images shot by members of Club Camera Tucson.

If any questions about resizing your images, please get in touch with Tom via email at

update 2/13/2019

Gallery Submission Guidelines

First: Images should be sized to 960 pixels on the longest side dimension and labeled with your name, the title of the slide (subject), and preferably the year taken or processed. The reason for the smaller size is so that they will download faster on all devices. 

Next:  Submit them via an attachment to an email to Tom Anderson, club President and chief webmaster.  Send them to Tom at

Easy Adobe Photoshop Resize Steps

Here’s how to resize using Adobe Photoshop

Start Photoshop
Click File > Scripts > Image Processor
1. Select the Source folder where the photos reside, the folder not just a single image.
2. Select the Destination Folder where you want the resized images to be placed, or just leave the location to be the same folder the source images are. They won’t get mixed up since the resized images will be put in a folder called jpeg.
3. Select the File Type you want, i.e. JPG
4. Select the Quality i.e. 12,10,9,8 etc.
5. Select the resize to fit width, height etc. In our case select 960. 
6. Select RUN in the upper corner of screen.
Then go back and examine the resized images for pixel size. On Mac right click photo and select INFO and it will show size.