Submission Guidelines for Competition and Critiques


The following guidelines apply to both competitions and/or critiques.

    1. For Competitions, members may submit up to three entries per competition event, but no more than two projected images. Only the first 60 image files received will be shown in the competition.
    2. For Critiques, members may submit up to two entries per critique. Before and after images of each critique entry are appreciated, but not required.
    3. Members must be present for entries to be shown and judged/discussed.
    4. Members’ entries must be their current work; that is, images must have been taken within 18 months of the date of competition. Creative category images may be older than the 18 month limit but the final altered image must be within the 18 month limit.
    5. For competitions, on the evening of the event, the member will pay the entry fee of $1 for each digital or print image entered. There is no entry fee for critiques.
    6. For competitions, all categories must have a minimum of 2 (two) members entered and a minimum of 5 (five) entries.
    7. Digital images and JPGs of print entries must be emailed to the person indicated on our Program Calendar web page by noon on the day of the competition/critique
    8. Projected images should have a minimum dimension either horizontally or vertically of 1920 pixels. (Larger dimensions are preferred.) Images should be saved at the best quality available (JPG quality 12 for images processed with Adobe products). Images not meeting these criteria will either be resized by the competition committee or returned to the photographer for resizing. Projected images will be shown through PowerPoint.
    9. Images must be submitted as an “attachment” via email and NOT as an “enclosure.” (If submitting from a Mac computer, do not submit via AppleMail. It is recommended that you include the name and catagory info in the body of the email.) If the file is too large for emailing, contact the image receiver for alternate submission options
    10. Image file titles must follow a consistent convention using member first initial run in with the member’s name, the initial of the category (H[and]/N[ature]/C[reative]/P[rint]), CCT, and a short text image title, using an underscore between items.Sample:
JDoe_CCT_N_Geese in Flight
    11. Prints must be submitted with the entry fee paid to the Competition committee no later than 6:45 PM on the night of the competition.
    12. Prints must list on the back upper-left hand corner in this order:
      1. The title
      2. The name of the member
    13. Print and mount size requirements:
      1. Minimum print size: 10 x 15 or 11 x 14
      2. Maximum print size: 16″ x 20″ including mount and mat
      3. All prints must be mounted and can be matted. Prints may not be framed.
      4. The overall thickness of the image presented may not exceed 3/8″ of an inch. (Currently this requirement is due to our print display device.)

Member Portfolio Description

A member portfolio is a group of images to be projected ( 20 images maximum) that reflect some common theme/subject that may be of interest to members. The image theme is totally of your choice and could be of a special place/event you’ve experienced, a special subject/hobby,  demonstrating some new process/software technique, etc, etc.  The images should be presented in a specific order of member choice and be open for informal discussion/questions, but not necessarily critique as we do in our Critique programs.  The member should be prepared to verbally discuss/explain his/her images as they are presented.   

Members are to bring their images to the meeting on a USB flash drive at least 20 minutes ahead of time so the projectionist can load them into the computer.  Images should be labeled designating order of presentation, CCT, your name, and subject.   Example: “01_CCT_JSmith_hummingbirds”,  02_CCT_JSmith_hummingbirds”,  etc, etc.  The rule that images must have been shot within 18 mo. of current date does not apply.